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Debt Collection and Revenue Recoveries

AMMM Incorporated Inc. boasts a formidable technical and management team that has vast experience in the revenue collection stream of the most sophisticated and successfully run municipalities and companies in South Africa.

We mentor clients, implement and monitor debt recovery, litigation, liquidation and all other legal and court processes. We manage cost/budget for work carried out externally, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (public and private);
  • Private equity and venture capital;
  • Fund information and financial services regulation;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Listings and IPOs;
  • Restructurings, demergers and spin-offs;
  • Black Economic Empowerment transactions;
  • Corporate Governance, including matters related to King Code;
  • Share incentive schemes and
  • Corporate Financial Strategies.

We have done extensive work with regards to the above mentioned areas of service for various clients. In all matters we were successful. The Firm’s goal was to maximize our client’s value with our advisory services. Drafting documents to best suit our client’s requirements. We have given sound Financial Risk Management advice on various matters.

From a contact perspective, once the details have been loaded into a campaign, an automated SMS will be sent out to the client. At the same time a letter of demand will be drafted and sent to the client. In this way, the SMS is the first point of contact, a call centre agent will contact the debtor two days after and the letter will reach within a week. In this way a debtor will have 3 or more interactions in the first week of the debt being handed over. The nature of the account will determine the action of the accounts and therefore the strategy can be reviewed and customised depending on the nature of the debt as well as the type of debtor.

Agents working on the mandate will be required to negotiate either a full payment from the borrower, an arrangement to pay (above minimum payment) or a discount settlement within the service legal agreement mandate agreed with client. The Firm has systems in place to ensure that payment arrangements are put in place and that scheduled payments are received on time.

The following are some of the innovative mechanisms that are sometimes used to improve the debt collection process:

Debit Order Arrangement

The firm has processes in place to ensure that a debit order arrangement is put in place for payment of debt. This has proven to be very successful in the collection of debt.

Promise to Pay Amount and Acknowledgement of Debt

The amount secured for the promise to pay will be reflective of the total settlement handed over. The Firm will ensure that agents are able to secure promise to pay amounts that are not too small and where the promise to pay amount will result in a repayment of the total settlement value.

A list of all those that make a promise to pay arrangement as well as the amount will be made available to the Clients on a regular basis for the purpose of any action to be reviewed.

Increased Payments Based on PTP (Promise to Pay)

Once a promise to pay (PTP) has been arranged and is being paid, then TCR would monitor the account and check payments and identify accounts where the payment can be increased.

All acknowledgements of debt and payment arrangements will be arranged for a period not exceeding 12 months. The Firm has internal processes to ascertain the financial status of the debtor and will ensure that those that make PTP arrangements are indeed unable to settle their debt once-off.

Discounts & Settlement

A process could be put in place to offer discounts to debtors who make full payment or meet specified payment targets.

Letter of Demand / SMS every month

Letters and SMS will be sent out every month and the tone and severity changes from mild to severe based on the reaction of the debtors and the campaign put in place. The format of these letter and SMS will also change to ensure efficient payment.

Peak Periods

Once debtors who operate businesses in peak periods have been identified and segmented, lines could be cut and credit control applied at the start of the peak period meaning that the debtor could lose out on business. This could prompt quick payment of the debt

Bonus Periods

Periods of payment of salaries and bonuses will be identified and campaigns put in place to maximise payment of debt from those consumers.

Debtor Circumstances

The Cheetah system is able to identify when the circumstances of debtors has changed and thus the appropriate strategy will be put in place to effect payments or to revise a payment arrangement.

Debtor Circumstances

The Cheetah system is able to identify when the circumstances of debtors has changed and thus the appropriate strategy will be put in place to effect payments or to revise a payment arrangement.


- As at 2019 the Firm is rendering legal debt collection to the City of Johannesburg;

- As at 2019 the Firm is rendering legal debt collection for Sage (SA) Pty Ltd;

- Since 2015 the Firm continues to render revenue recoveries and debt collection services for Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd;

- Since 2010 the Firm has recovered debt amounting to millions of rands from various other companies whose debts were due and owing to Oracle S.A


The Firm has a tracing capability which draws information obtained from various consumer database as well as field service also referred to as Site Visit to locate debtors and obtain necessary contact information and negotiate payment arrangements. This information is verified directly with the debtor through the firms call centre which includes the Transaction Capital Recoveries (former MBD)’s Call Centre.

The Firm also has access to individuals that conduct physical tracing of individuals. These individuals are also responsible for stand verification where applicable.

Our attorneys and supporting staff have extensive experience in instituting legal action, as well as monitoring and supervising legal processes to the end.

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