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Privacy Policy Lawyer + Data Use Attorney

A privacy policy is a legal notification that sets forth information collection, use and disposal practices. If you collect personal information from website visitors, you must have privacy policy. In fact, some states have enacted privacy notice laws that require operators of websites and online services to post a notice regarding their privacy practices.

Consumer Protection Requirements

The Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for the collection, processing and sharing of information from and about consumers. As rapid changes in information technology have created an array of new means to collect and use personal information, the risks of abuse of such information have risen exponentially.

Data privacy and security issues are more critical now than ever before. Every company should have a fully compliance privacy policy that compliance with myriad related consumer protection requirements.

In the context of eCommerce, legislatures, regulators and courts worldwide have responded with new restrictions on the maintenance and management of personal information. Every Internet-based business website that collects information from end-users must tailor a compliant privacy policy that provides specific information regarding its use, retention, protection, disclosure and data collection processes pertaining to consumer information. Commercial website operators should be prepared to live with the commitments they make.

3.What personal data do we process?

  • Name, email address and/or your photo when you visit our exhibitions and make use of the technologies we offer to you to receive a Good GIF
  • Personal data obtained through or generated on our website, newsletters, commercial emails
  • IP address
  • Your browsing behaviour on the website such as information on your first visit
  • Whether you open a newsletter of email and what sections you select